No Fear

I am writing this from the Galapagos Islands … I am on a boat traveling between these ancient volcanic landscapes, and I am looking at creatures I have never seen before:  the playful whiskered sea lions, the grouchy prehistoric iguanas, the elusive but curious green sea turtles, and petite black and white penguins, and the goofy blue footed booby…

On these rugged and poetic islands west of Ecuador thousands of species of beings live in peace and they multiply… they play, forage, and procreate … they have a life of safety.  When you float on zodiacs in these waters you see animal life in harmony with the world, and it can’t help but lift your spirits.

Yesterday I hiked a long distance over rocks and boulders so I and my fellow travelers could see the famous and elusive Galapagos albatross.  The name of the island is Espanola.  The albatrosses are extremely large seagull-like birds with giant feet and a wing span of 6 feet who come here to nest and tend their young.  They are coupled, they do a good job of parenting, and they are extremely rare.  You can get within five feet of them, and they do not flinch.  You’re just part of their landscape. As with so many other creatures on these islands, they know they are safe.

There is no fear here.  There is the natural order of things in a harsh landscape that gave Charles Darwin some of his primary insights into evolution…  We humans can drop down into our animals selves here, I think, and feel composed and safe, just like the animals. Time is suspended, as though this present moment is so big and beautiful that there’s no need to worry about what is coming.

I want a life where we’re not haunted by fear, where we respect and witness one another with kindness, where we feel safe.  I want our world to be informed by this balance and serenity that is the Galapagos…

I can dream, can’t I?







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