I am a seventy-one year old traveler and writer.  The loves of my life besides traveling and writing:  reading, JS Bach, cats, dogs, great food food and wine, wild parrots and egrets, the ocean, books, art, Buddhas, and the list goes on…

I am a grandmother and great grandmother, and I take great pride in that.  My family are the bedrock in my quirky life.  I’ve made a lot of errors along the way, and have shut the door to a number of beautiful things, but one thing I didn’t err in:  loving my family.  And being true to my calling as a writer.

I have just finished a medium length memoir entitled: Bowing to Elephants: Discovering Myself in the Landscape of Memory.  In this book I talk about many places traveled in the world (India, Burma, France, Italy, Africa, Cambodia, Bhutan, Vietnam ….) and the passions and yearnings that got me there.  There is an undercurrent of running away from painful memory and discovering myself, and forgiving a flawed mother because I must forgive myself.   The self discovery happened, I believe, because of the Buddha and his teachings and the love of a grandmother years ago….I hope this heartfelt work will find publication, for I want to let it fly by itself and bring inspiration to others.